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Film ExChange is thrilled to have the opportunity to present the sixth annual Victoria TX Independent Film Festival, April 6th - 9th, in downtown Victoria, TX. VTXIFF is designed to inspire and champion independent artists, while introducing the community to the passionate work being done in independent cinema.

Moviemaker Magazine ranked VTXIFF among the top 25 in its list of 50 fests worth the submission fee in 2015 (and 2013). Rutger Hauer, legendary actor and director of his own film festival, visited VTXIFF and declared, “This is where good shit happens.” VTXIFF is the rare film festival run by passionate filmmakers who know how to deliver on the promise of what that experience should be for other filmmakers… like coming home.

It’s a rare film festival that understands that filmmakers need far more from the festival experience than Q&As and networking. VTXIFF is that rare community that celebrates, champions, and inspires artists of all kinds… especially filmmakers.

Victoria TX Independent Film Festival (VTXIFF) is as much about the magic that happens when artists of all kinds bond, influence one another and share community as it is about film. Each year visiting filmmakers not only screened their own films, they collaborated on new films there or started their own festivals!

                              Awards & Prizes

We are funded by the city of Victoria and empowered to bring filmmakers and artists from all over the world to experience our city as well as the festival. 

We strive to create the ultimate festival experience to the filmmakers we champion. Besides the regular battery of festival prizes, we also offer a unique opportunity for filmmakers to shoot their films in our beautiful city. Our grand prizes total over $50,000 in film services. We have had the great fortune to have been given over $300,000 in film gear that we make available to our Texas Indie Incentive Package winners, and invite them to come back to Victoria to shoot their next film. 

To see a complete list of the awards we offer have a look at our website.

The Victoria TX Independent FIlm Festival

April 6 - 9, 2016

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Victoria TX Independent Film Festival

One O’Connor Plaza Suite 930

Victoria, TX 77901



Anthony Pedone,

Executive Director


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