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Dramatic Shorts



You Didn't Forget

Directed By: Simon Intihar     

Country of Origin: USA

Language: Slovenia                                  

Subtitles: English 

Synopsis: Simon Intihar (18.7.1990, Postojna, Slovenia) graduated in Film and TV directing at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He works on various Film, Video and TV projects. He is also an active musician.

Sea at Night

Directed By: Kim Fabienne Hertinger

Country of Origin: Germany

Language: German                             

Synopsis: "Meer bei Nacht" (Sea at Night) tells the story about a man, whose disease took away his self-determination, reputation and social support. His tendency to get lost in memories of his past, leads him to a momentous decision.


Directed By: Henry Young

Country of Origin: Australia

Language: English                        


On a property in rural Australia, a son's struggle with his father's growing decrepitude and hypocrisy coils itself to an explosive showdown.

Animal explores questions of masculinity and family in a world where survival isn’t something worth shouting about. It’s just something that’s always there to be dealt with.

The Loss

Directed By: Machu Latorre

Country of Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish                         

Synopsis: A grieving widower copes with doing laundry for the first time and faces life's universal mystery...a missing sock.


Directed By: Kymberly Harris

Country of Origin: USA

Language: English                              

Synopsis: FAITH is a character driven dark comedy inspired by the lives and struggles of real teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse in a psych ward. Under the direction of writer/director Kymberly Harris , this young all star ensemble employed method acting techniques to explore the lives of the characters. The result is an edgy, magical, and truthful human story exploring how broken people can find their way back to connection in life and with each other.

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